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We are committed to offering our customers exceptional, enriching and memorable experiences through tailor-made tours, excursions and stays. Our aim is to promote Senegal as a destination of choice, highlighting its natural, cultural and human heritage.

Experience Unforgettable Moments with Our Exclusive Excursions in Senegal

Discover Senegal from a new angle thanks to Teranga Style Tours’ carefully crafted excursions. Our itineraries offer you the opportunity to discover iconic sites, unique local experiences and exciting adventures.

Excursions to Goree Island

Embark on a historic and emotional journey with Teranga Style Tours on our excursion to Gorée.....

reserve de bandia

Excursion to Bandia Reserve

Discover the wild beauty of Senegal on an unforgettable excursion to the Bandia Reserve with Teranga Style Tours.

Excursion to Saint-Louis

Excursion to Saint-Louis

Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural atmosphere of Saint-Louis on an enriching city tour.


Explore the jewels of Senegal with Teranga Style Tours

Discover the diversity of destinations Senegal has to offer with Teranga Style Tours. From the Atlantic coast to inland regions, each destination is an invitation to adventure, discovery and wonder.

Teranga Style Tours

Join us on this exceptional adventure and discover Senegal like never before with Teranga Style Tours.

Authentic Experiences

Immerse yourself in Senegalese culture with guided tours, culinary tastings and encounters with local people.

Teranga hospitality

Immerse yourself in the unique spirit of Senegalese hospitality, where every trip becomes a warm and memorable experience.

Local Expertise Team

Trust our passionate local team to guide you, inform you and help you experience the best of Senegal.

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Teranga Style Tours, founded by Mr. Ismaila Mayoro Fall, is much more than a tourism agency; it's a passion, a vision, and a commitment to the beauty, culture and hospitality of Senegal. Our mission is to share the richness of our country with the world, to create memorable and authentic experiences for our visitors, and to promote Senegal as a destination of choice.

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